This is how me and my family are living these months.

My mom has a great job but doesn’t make enough to support all five of us. She’s working extra hours but it isn’t enough and with school starting for my brothers and them needing over priced uniforms, we’ve all reached the end of our rope.

On top of this, my mom also has diabetes and sometimes has trouble getting the money for her medication. And as people who have/are dealing with this kind of disease you know that everything is so much more harder for her. When she gets a paper cut it can last a month and when she gets caught in the rain, she is guaranteed to get sick and as she says so many times “[she] cannot afford to get sick”.

Right now we are trying to move from this house into a smaller, more affordable one but the chances of that happening anytime soon are dwindling. In addition to this, my mom wants to visit our sick grandfather in New York who has multiple myeloma. If anyone who has heard of this would know that it affects your organs and there is no cure for it. We are all hoping for one last visit before he passes on.

I’m asking that you please help us. I don’t like this life for my brothers who have to wonder if it was okay that they are ramen for breakfast or that my mother can’t see her father one last time. Anything and everything you donate will be used to help my brothers and mother have an easier more enjoyable life.

I have set up a fundraiser and a paypal on my blog. Again, anything and everything you can spare will be much appreciated and if you cannot donate, please share this so that it gets around.


The 1975

That song is very personal. I wasn’t necessarily in that state of mind when I wrote that song. It’s a very reflective song. I mean, it’s about guilt, isn’t it? ‘Don’t you mind? Don’t you mind?’ Of course they mind. Everything that I said, I did all those things, which are not good things. A lot of people connect to that song. It’s a song about guilt—it’s a sad song, but it’s also one of my favorites. [x]


SCRUB FREE: “I’ve got no time for this, I have shit I have to do.” It’s late and you’ve got to stay up and do all your work, these scrubs aren’t going to do it for you.

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i really hope all of my brazillian followers stay safe because apparently the riots have already started. just. be safe okay <3



maybe next time brazil will think twice about building a massive stadium and leaving thousands homeless

yeah because that was definitely the fault of the players and the citizens of brazil


its like the germany team all went out for drinks last night and all of them got rejected by girls thats why they goin off on the field….they lettin out they steam…. why she didnt wanna suck my schnitzel 


boyfriend criteria:

  • look like zayn malik
  • have as much money as zayn malik
  • look as good in the rain as zayn malik
  • tat my face on u so i kno its real (like zayn malik)
  • bring harry 


tbh i have such a double standard for Harry he can hella spit water on me at a concert yaaassss … but if Louis dared to spill a drop of dom perignon brut champagne on me he’s getting his house burned down … I’m fake but at least I’m real


harry giving me new porn twitters AND new bb animal twitters to follow all in the same 15-hour span, what a guy